History of Le Pech d'André, since 1701 in the Minervois
Le Pech d'André
Independant wine maker Organic Agriculture

Mireille Remaury & Philippe Lelong
Domaine du Pech d'André
34210 Azillanet - France
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In the beginning, more than 300 years ago…

Cassini's map: le Pech and Azillanet

We don't know exactly when Le Pech started. We only know that our family history in this place begins in 1701, when our first ancestor Jean-Baptiste d'André, from a Toulouse family, settled on some land named « Al Pech » - hill in Occitan.

Four generations of men succeed until the « Demoiselles d'André » Marie, Jeanne and Louise d'André, the last ones to have this name at Le Pech in the early twentieth century.

From « d'André » to « Remaury »

Louise d'André married in 1858. Her daughter, Joséphine Bel, takes over and gives birth to Jeanne-Zoe Léontine Gervies, my great-grandmother, who led the domain for over 30 years. Her daughter, Marie Simon, married Louis Remaury, my grandfather.

Marc and Germaine Remaury

Thus, four generations of women succeed at the domain of « Pech d'André », named as a tribute to this family before my parents, Marc and Germaine Remaury, dwell there in 1966. Together, they are moving towards direct sale at the domain and maintain environmental-friendly practices, acting as trendsetters long before the consumer awareness of products coming from a preserved nature.

In parallel, they drive the progressive renewal of the vineyard, searching a better expression of the terroir through the development of more aromatic wines.

The history continues

This land is a heritage. I want to continue the tradition of authenticity and hospitality of this domain. My Ecologist skills (PhD in Soil Science) are naturally going in the direction of maintaining this heritage, its landscapes and its biodiversity.

With Claude Brunel who has been working here since 1985, we are pursuing a path of sweetness…

Finally, Philippe arrived at Le Pech d'André and now shares my life, my enthusiasm and my love for this domain.

Claude Brunel Mireille Remaury Philippe Lelong